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to cut a flower by citizenvisuelle to cut a flower by citizenvisuelle
before it blooms

she is the most tender girl he knows
there is no one like her to pull red lines along his throat with her words
and then try to let actions follow
how does she do that
I wonder,he says
When he comes home
she will have scratched his eyes
out in every photograph
and he smiles
how temperamental this little girl is
takes her hand to see the remains of
his photopaper eyes under her nails
and kiss each one
And she will
slam her fists against his chest
she tries to frighten his heart on the other side to death
so that it stops beating
so that it stops beating when he is leaning
over her body that isn't even
half his size
And the same way that he ties
the red bow every morning into
her hair she would like to
tie a rope
around him
and cut his air
and cut his air
And cut his air the same way that she cuts
hearts and stars out of paper at school
to make her teacher smile
then she lies in bed
and tries to think of flowers
and she screams at them to keep
their heads higher
like in the pictures she's seen
and she screams at them not to lean forward
not to fucking lean forward
as he will do
after he first
watches her through the keyhole
and believes she is sleeping
and when she finally sleeps
she teaches the flowers
in her head to grow thorns
yells at them to grow thorns


regardless of how long I have studied , observed , wondered about humans
there is so much
I will never understand

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sheispretty Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
thank you for making this [link]
wishka Featured By Owner May 25, 2006

hope you don't mind cos of ~watch
secondfloorstreet Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2006
great pic!! and i love the title! :)
linteli Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2006
This is I don't know. An emotion I'm searching inside my head, makes me feel a bit uneasy this situation you describe but I keep myself safe thinking it's only on paper and yet it isn't really. But as usual, it wakes me up, makes me think feel read again and stare. As for the photo I really like the dirt in it, how it looks so old and vulnerable. That when you touch it it breaks to tiny little dusty pieces and same with this coral is it you're holding. And though it's so vulnerable easy to break down it still protects in a way no one could expect it to. Have to read again.

Yes. And still I don't really know. But it's frightening me still, this in a way very innocent and so furious person. And I think might that be me no it isn't and still there's something very familiar not sure. Can't say that I love it but it makes me feel and that's what I like. It's powerful. And I don't think this isn't really supposed to be a poem words you read with a smile on your face right. I keep getting confused but I really liked the flower verses. How to grow thorns and be brave, can't explain but it somehow felt so very encouraging.

Take care.
originill Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2006   Writer
peek a boo
Royksopp Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2006
hey Nova you should publish your work !! :#1:
citizenvisuelle Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2006
you can't imagine how I'd wish to do that. but it isn't easy. really isn't . the poetry scene in nürnberg is currently hungry for hip sounding word creations and sex
and as for photography ?? .. blame it on the missing connections
I will start sending around manuscripts though.
it's completely unrealistic but
hey !
thanks a lot for your comment
Royksopp Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2006
yea i know ...what you mean..........
...just keap trying.....and you will get there...:hug:
takes-nine-months Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2006
you said it
soundgum Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2006
my question is : What are you holding in your hand??
citizenvisuelle Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2006
it's a coral , found on a shore in the dominican republic :)
szau Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2006
i like the leaf texture
dominussum Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006  Professional Photographer
Exquisite work. Really beautiful and creative use of texture and color.
AlephBet Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006
You are the number one.
I won't say anything about the text. I can't. It's not even seldom that I feel feelings I don't know or don't know any word in any language for when I see your art.
The best thing about the photo is your right hand. Please don't ask why. It's just so...popping out.
likeatinglass Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006
and wonderful words to follow
albertopoloianez Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006
i love this image
my english is very bad .. i dont understand very much your text :(

in spanish i said : es una pena q no pueda ver actualizaciones continuas de tus imagenes .. ya q la verdad me resultan todas muy nose emotivas .. juegan con mi estado de animo y eso me gusta .. me gustaria entender esas palabras .. pq seguro seguro q esas palabras o tus textos tb suenan tan genial como esta bonita melodia de imagen ..

kisses nova
whorer-movie Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006
I love the poetry so much.

sfrustrowana Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006
Great! It looks so surreal...
YOR-k Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2006
creative! a little passive but deeply sensitive
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